Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Best Man for the White House

Marty Bass, voted the the Best of Baltimore by Baltimore Magazine in 2007, is the best man for the White House.

We have suffered for decades from professional politicans who are out of touch with the country. We are the majority... the ordinary folk... the middle class... regular Americans. We work hard for our families, we support our local teams, we enjoy a joke and a beer and a barbecue, we pack our lunches, we sit in commutes, we serve on PTAs and coach little league teams, we pay our bills, we know the price of a gallon of gas and a quart of milk, we are the ordinary folk, regular Americans, and we deserve one of our own to be in the White House.

Marty Bass - Best of Baltimore for 2007, Best for the USA in 2008!

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